POP Ceiling Designs for Living Room

POP ceiling designs for living room are an alternative interior decoration you can use to create a different atmosphere in the living room. POP or also known as Plaster of Paris is the design of the ceiling, which could give a classic style in the living room. Living room with POP ceiling designs are usually designed with a unique shape and applied arts at the ceiling. You can replace the old ceiling you have a false ceiling with POP design or you can combine them, many people can apply it with various combinations of color texture. You can now find different kinds of awesome designs of POP ceiling that really fit with the interior decoration of the living room.

Latest Pop Designs For Living Room Ceiling

There are different types of POP ceiling designs for living room that you can use in designing the interior decoration of living room, the designs include:

1. Medalion

POP ceiling Medallion Design is one of the POP ceiling designs for the living room. It is designed with a stylish design and an appropriate model for the design of the living room. Medallion design has distinct characteristics. These designs typically use a design with ceiling gypsum mold with a material that can make the ceiling with Medallion design that makes the room look taller than the original ceiling. Other characteristics lies in artistic style that is created on the ceiling – a style that looks are stylish feel of the classic Paris.

2. Tray

POP ceiling design is also present in the tray design. By using a variety of different textures and colors are combined in the motif on the ceiling that can blend perfectly with the color texture of the living room to create a focal point on the ceiling.

Simple Pop Ceiling Designs for Living Room

Modern Pop Ceiling Designs for Living Room

Pop Ceiling Designs for Living Room Photos

Pop Ceiling Designs for Living Room

These two designs are designs that is often used to the interior decoration of living room, these two designs give a different look at the living room and would make a comfortable living room atmosphere.

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